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C.P. Partners LLC

Proposal Writing Services

Proposal Writing Expertise

When it is important to present that winning proposal that is compliant and tells a compelling story, then you need a great proposal writer. And, most people do not enjoy proposal writing and the challenge faced with ensuring compliance. Caylee Gibbons is the exception. She enjoys the art of proposal writing and developing compliant proposal responses. With a proven track record in winning government contracts she can assist your company in moving forward in your proposal writing efforts.

As a SME she has led over a billion dollars’ worth of winning proposal writing efforts and understands what the government requires in a winning proposal response. It starts with building the proposal management plan, the team, and developing the outline to best and final responses and oral presentations. She can greatly increase your ability to be competitive against the competition you will face.

Creating and structuring a competitive proposal can quickly become an overwhelming task, unless you have access to experienced professional proposal writers who understand the government acquisition lifecycle and requirements. You will not "cross the finish line" in the Federal space without having the understanding and ability to develop a compliant technical proposal. With the right opportunity in sight, it is necessary to develop a strong proposal management plan. This will ensure your proposal is responsive, compliant and competitive. Ms. Caylee Gibbons, will work in close partnership with your team to learn everything that she can about your company to gain a complete understanding of your core capabilities and past performance. Her expert support will include:

  • Creating customized proposal response that communicates your value proposition
  • Leading and overseeing the proposal project team and sub-contractors
  • Ensuring that quality assurance efforts are achieved through review teams and compliance matrices
  • Planning, organizing, strategy development, scheduling, compliance checks, status reporting and all related tasks necessary to respond effectively to governmental procurements in a high-volume, quick turnaround environment