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C.P. Partners LLC

Proposal Writing Services

Proposal Writing Activities


Ms. Gibbons will manage the proposal during the development process (from initial draft through the review process and final production). This includes planning, scheduling, and managing all aspects of competitive proposals, including inputs on strategy development, technical solutions, and cost strategy. This consists of a broad range of proposal development activities, including but not limited to, leading team in a time-sensitive environment; conducting pre-and post-RFP activities, ensuring RFP compliance, and conducting strategy and proposal review processes.    


  • Gather information to be used in brainstorming and theme development
  • Review of all marketing collateral
  • Review of all existing proposal, sources sought, request for information and contracts to understand capabilities and identify discriminators
  • Review of past performance write-ups
  • Black Hat Searches/ Market Research to include gathering and reviewing (e.g., FPDS, SAMS, Organizational Charts, Websites, Brochure)
  • Work with team to determine Key Performance Parameters (KPPS) desired for sub-contractors (all service types)
  • Develop and send out preferred vendor package to compile all data required for input and decision making
  • Compile data from market research for decision making
  • Develop Proposal Directive 


  • Develop Proposal Volume Outline (Technical, Price and PP)
  • Develop Data Call Templates
  • Finalize Proposal Directive and Develop Calendar of events
  • Facilitate Kick-off Meeting
  • Spearhead Tag-up meetings
  • Validate pre-developed outlines
  • Win Themes
  • Discriminators
  • Storyboarding
  • Send out Data Calls to preferred Vendors for bids
  • Bidding Strategy and RFP Review Meeting Facilitation (Tag-up Meetings)
  • Review RFPs in detail and identify mandatory requirements
  • Technical Writing all Volumes through Final Review
  • Maintain high standards for quality of proposals, including accuracy of documents, compelling text, and adherence to all deadlines
  • Provide production and delivery instructions